Your team-mates in selling.

When you sell with Scammells, the keyword behind all that we do is ‘trust’.

We get it.  We treat your items like they are our Grandmothers.

We sell more than 1,000 lots each week, and over 55,000 per year. That’s more than any auction room in Australia. With first-hand market research like that, you know we walk the walk.

When you entrust us with your treasured items, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you obtain the right price.  Auctions are no longer about “who is in the room”, our technology connects our buyers from across the Globe to our sale room.

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Scammells Guide to Selling at Auction

Jason Harris, our Director, Auctioneer and Industry leader has written a guide to Selling At Auction. In this short guide Jason shares some of his 30+ years of Auction industry experience and helps guide vendors selling at Auctions.


From our Clients

For all your support you have given me over the last 5 or 6 years, whether it has been with buying and / or assisting with selling and most of all the advise you have freely given me over the years which has helped me immensely in making smart purchases and becoming a more informed buyer and seller.  Your service, quick vendor payments and willingness to help educate are second to none.

Over a period of two years I’ve placed hundreds of items into Scammell Auctions. The prices we received in most cases were better than expected and the staff had a lot to do with us attaining those prices.


 As executor of a large estate, I was fortunate in engaging Scammells to organize and conduct the auction with spectacular results. Care, attention to detail and diligence are hallmarks of the Scammells service. Highly recommend. 
Shellie from Beaumont

I would like to acknowledge you and your fellow work mates for your recent efforts in helping me achieve excellent results in your  last Collectors Auction. Right from the get go your approach was very professional with no effort spared ,I could not be happier with the results.


As both a vendor and a buyer I find dealing with Scammells to be reliable and professional. Great communication coupled with extremely knowledgeable staff results in excellent outcomes for all. 

It all starts with an appraisal!

An appraisal is where we can show you that we know our stuff. While momentarily putting emotion and sentimentality aside, we’ll provide you with an accurate idea of what your item is worth, and a faithful expectation. At Scammells, our appraisal staff are also our auctioneers, so they know what current market values are. This allows us to guide sellers to the right expectations instead of inflating or understating them. Each of our staff members specialises in a specific area, but also possess vast general market knowledge, allowing them to professionally appraise all items.


Now you have your appraisal, the rest is as simple as delivering the items to us.

We are open for delivery every Tuesday – 1pm – 4.30pm, Wednesday – 8.30am – 4.30pm, and Thursday from 8.30am to 11am (Wed/Thurs ONLY after a long weekend).


Seller Terms and Conditions

The terms within which we sell items on behalf of our Vendors, are specifically designed to accomplish three things.
1. Ensure trust can be assured between Vendor and Auctioneer.
2. Provide the most congenial arrangement in which to achieve the best price for your item.
3. Allow our Vendors to feel confident that our incentive to excel is maximised.
The commission-based fee is open and transparent. So, the harder we work at connecting the right buyers to the right pieces, the better we all do.

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At Scammells, it’s our belief that expectations are managed best with

honesty, experience, and knowledge.

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Our Services

Scammells are one of the few remaining auctioneers who understand what it means to be a ‘full-service auction room’. For sellers and buyers, we offer a complete service including appraisal, packaging, transport, research, and auction. We welcome you to use our services in all these areas, or just the ones you need.

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