Scammells Appraisal Days - Coming Soon

More free Appraisal Days will be coming soon.

Discover the value of your treasures and maybe some history.

We allow 30 minutes with a maximum of two items per appraisal.

(we are unable to appraise firearms, coins & notes, alcohol and stamps)


Hosted by Jason Harris

A 32 year veteran of the Antique and Auction industry.

About Jason

I joined the Antique and Auction Industry after leaving school purely by accident and quickly fell in love with the frenetic pace and variety of auctions.  I vividly remember my first auction, the noise, the excitement and the Auctioneer. A year later I had my first taste of Auctioneering, and (despite my nerves) I was hooked further. Early in my career I was exposed to the boom in Australian Colonial and Country furniture in Australia.  Something I remember fondly.

Years later I joined Scammell Auctions, and seven years ago I purchased the business. Whilst the fundamentals of what we do are the same, we have grown to 21 staff and advancements in technology have had a huge impact on what we do, including our own Live Bidding App.

Whilst I shudder at the term expert, I have been fortunate to be part of the Antique and Auction Industry for a very long time and have amassed considerable knowledge in many facets of Antiques and nearing 50 years old I now consider myself one “of the ole timers”.

My aim is to share my knowledge with those that hold the same thirst for the depth and colourful history of Antiques.


If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.

— Howard Gardner


And that leads me to “Jason Harris Education”.  Knowledge should be shared, not coveted and unfortunately many of my predecessors behaved this way.  JHE is my “flag in the sand”, and my platform to share knowledge, teach those that want to learn and foster an interest in Antiques, Collectables and Auctions.